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Combustion Dynamics Monitoring Systems (CDMS)

System Specifications


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CDMS Test Results

CDMS System Configuration

Over 1,000,000 Hours of Time in Service

 High-Fidelity, Stable, and Temperature-Tolerant

Frequency Response: DC to 12.5 kHz +/- 0.4 dB
Pressure Sensitivity: 600 mV per psi (nominal)
Dynamic Pressure Range: +/-20 psi
Static Pressure Limit: 1000 psi
Acceleration Sensitivity: < 0.001 psi per g
Thermal Stability: Calibrated for 800° F; 1% per 100° F variance
Thermal Sensitivity: Insensitive to Transient Thermal Events
Temperature Limits:

Transducer 1200°F

Tactical Cable 550°F

Home Run Cable 185°F

Signal Conditioner 100°F

Davidson's temperature-tolerant sensors are designed to be positioned flush with inside of the basket/liner on the Siemens and GE engines where they make direct high fidelity measurements of the combustion dynamics. The signal is reproduced without any distortion due to waveguides, attenuation, or resonance. Further, the sensors are not adversely affected by vibration, grounding, EMI, or thermal transients.

Data Sheets for Combustion Dynamics Monitoring System

CDMS System for use in General Electric Frame 7 and 9 gas turbines

CDMS GE Frame 7 Transducer

CDMS GE Frame 9 Transducer

CDMS System for use in Siemens 501 series of gas turbines

CDMS Siemens 501 Transducer