Guide to Configuring a Fiber Optic Sensing System


Combustion Dynamics Monitoring Systems (CDMS)

System Configuration


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CDMS System Specifications

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General System Configuration

A CDMS consists of one transducer for each basket/can on the engine and one tactical cable for each transducer, a junction box where the tactical cables are connected to a single multi-fiber home run cable that is routed to the signal conditioner in the electrical package where a spectrum analzer and the monitoring display are typically located. 

Davidson offers a turnkey installation service for its combustion dynamics monitoring systems. These turnkey systems include all of the transducers, cabling, and signal conditioning needed for a fully integrated combustion dynamics monitoring system.  A complete system can be installed in three days by two men during almost any outage.

Transducers for Siemens Engines

Davidson fiber optic dynamic pressure transducers for Siemens engines are designed for installation through the top hat where access to the existing acoustic waveguides are located. 

Siemens Installation through the Waveguide
Access Port on a Siemens 501 Top Hat

The transducer is designed to be inserted into the acoustic waveguide that is located along side the combustion basket.

Acoustic Waveguide Located Along the Side of the Siemens 501 Combustion Basket

The flexible end of the transducer where the sensor is located allows the sensor to be positioned flush with the end of the existing acoustic waveguide located along side the combustion basket.

Davidson 501 Transducer with
Flexible Tip Inside a Waveguide Mockup

Transducers for GE Engines

Davidson fiber optic dynamic pressure transducers for GE engines are designed for installation through the combustor casing where the existing acoustic waveguides are located.

Davidson Frame 7 Transducer Installed in the
Existing Waveguide Access Port on Combustion Can

The transducer design allows the sensor to be positioned flush with the inside of the liner.

Transducer Installed in a 7FA Combustion Case and Liner Mockup


Transducer Showing the Extent of the Transducer Flexibility

Data Sheets for Combustion Dynamics Monitoring System

CDMS System for use in General Electric Frame 7 and 9 gas turbines

CDMS GE Frame 7 Transducer

CDMS GE Frame 9 Transducer

CDMS System for use in Siemens 501 series of gas turbines

CDMS Siemens 501 Transducer