Davidson Instruments the home of 1000°F static pressure measurement instrumentation. Davidson is a leader in the design, development, and licensing of fiber optic measurement systems for harsh industrial applications.

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Davidson designs, develops, and licenses the manufacture of pressure measurement instrumentation for harsh industrial applications.

Davidson has designed, developed, and licensed its innovative temperature-tolerant pressure measurement instrumentation. This fiber-optic based instrumentation is small, rugged, immune to electromagnetic interference, and intrinsically safe. The internationally patented fiber optic sensing technology is available via field-of-use licenses to world class instrumentation manufacturers who are leaders in their respective markets.

Davidson's products include high-resolution static pressure measurement instrumentation and high-speed dynamic pressure measurement instrumentation.  Davidson’s miniature pressure measurement instrumentation has been proven in applications to 1000°F and Davidson has accumulated over two million hours of time in service.

The need for Davidson’s temperature-tolerant pressure measurement instrumentation in harsh industrial applications is being driven by the need to operate industrial equipment at reduced emission levels and with higher performance, greater margins of safety, longer life, improved reliability, and with advanced health diagnostics.

Miniature, 1000°F, High-Resolution, Static Pressure Transducer

Davidson Field-of-Use Licensing Opportunities

Davidson’s instrumentation offers innovative measurement solutions for the most demanding industrial applications including:


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Davidson’s Gas Turbine Combustion Dynamics Monitoring Systems (CDMS)

Davidson’s combustion dynamics instrumentation has been proven through numerous installations with over two million hours of time in service in frame and aero engines in the US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and Japan.


Davidson’s Customized Harsh Industrial Instrumentation

Davidson's products include instruments for making drift-free, temperature-tolerant, high-resolution static pressure measurements and high-speed dynamic pressure measurements. Davidson’s extrinsic interferometric sensing technology is also capable of being used to make measurements of temperature, vibration, acceleration, load, position, density, level, and differential pressure.

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