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 Guide to Configuring a Fiber Optic Sensing System


Welcome to Davidson Instruments

Davidson manufactures a line of rugged and intrinsically-safe fiber optic systems to measure temperature and pressure in harsh industrial environments at very high speed, at very long transmission range, and with very high resolution.  Davidson’s pressure transducers can operate continuously at temperatures exceeding 1000°F and in corrosive and hydrogen-rich environments


Gas Turbine Combustion Dynamics Davidson's combustion dynamics monitoring system (CDMS) is used to monitor the health of GE and Siemens large frame combustion turbines.  Davidson's CDMS is the premier system available for monitoring the health of these engines and provides the best protection available for these high value assets.

Davidson products include a family of absolute and gage pressure transducers, a family of temperature sensors and probes, and a family of signal conditioners that makes absolute, high resolution measurements of static pressures and temperatures or the frequency content of dynamic pressures which are required in most process control and power generation applications.  Fiber optic sensing systems eliminate or mitigate most of the problems encountered with conventional electronic instrumentation in harsh industrial environments.


Davidson was founded in 1995 for the purpose of developing fiber optic sensing systems that would overcome the three fundamental limitations of conventional electronic sensing systems, i.e. high temperatures, electromagnetic interference (EMI), and explosion hazards.  Since fiber optic transducers do not employ solders or adhesives, they are tolerant to a much higher range of operating temperatures.  Since optical fibers are insensitive to electromagnetic interference, the signal is free of EMI noise.  Since the optical power transmitted in the optical fibers is so low, there is no risk of an explosion, even in the most hazardous environments. 

The fundamental limitations of the electronic systems lead to a number of practical problems that industry has had to work around such as thermal sensitivity, freezing, condensation, purge gases, explosion-proof containment, grounding, lightning, hydrogen migration, and electromagnetic interference.  These practical field problems lead to unreliable measurements, unplanned and unnecessary shutdowns, lower productivity and process yield, and high capital and maintenance costs.  Davidson fiber optic sensing systems do not have these fundamental limitations and provide the end user with the safest, most reliable, and most cost-effective instrumentation for harsh applications.

Davidson Instruments is a leader in the design, development, and manufacture of fiber optic sensing systems for harsh industrial applications and has developed applications in the following fields of use:

Gas Turbine Combustion Dynamics

Civil Nuclear Power Generation

Fossil Power Generation

Laboratory Test & Measurement

Process Control

Reciprocating Engines and Compressors

Defense and Aerospace

Davidson Instruments is located in The Woodlands, Texas.

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Process Control

Davidson Process offers fiber optic transducers that measure pressure, temperature, level, and flow.  The systems are suitable as form-fit-function replacements for existing electronic transmitters and can be fitted for intrinsically safe installations.

Power Generation

Davidson Power offers customized transducers with integrated signal conditioners for a variety of applications including combustion dynamics monitoring in gas turbines and monitoring of the combustion cycle/compression cycle in industrial engines and compressors.